come vendere bitcoin ad un atm bitcoin CryptoLocalATM

How to send cryptocurrencies to a Bitcoin ATM with Ellipal

In this article we talked about how much we appreciated the reliability, sturdiness and safety of this titanium hardware wallet produced by Ellipal, underlining the peculiarity that makes it emerge from other devices of its kind and that of being totally OFFLINE.

We therefore thought we would make a simple guide on how it is possible to use this hardware wallet on our ATM bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs both in reception and in sending.

In this article we will explain how easy it is to SELL cryptomoney to our atm bitcoins with the Ellipal wallet hardwer proceed …

Once you have gone to the nearest ATM you will not have to do anything but choose the cryptocurrency to sell, enter your phone number and then send the cryptomains to the QR CODE that is printed by our ATM (do not discard the ticket that prints the atm because you will need it for your withdrawal)

So let’s proceed with the operation using our fantastic Ellipal hardware wallet.


Select the cryptomonteta to send

Ellipal - tutorial su come ricevere bitcoin da atm CryptoLocalATM

So choose “Send”

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

Enter the amount to be sent, the destination wallet e
fee mining (the higher the withdrawal times will be before)

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

Now press the “Submit” button and a QR CODE will be generated

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal


Now let’s log on with our ELLIPAL

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

then entering the password

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

now we scan the QR CODE our smartphone that generated the ELLIPAL application

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

we confirm the details choosing the “OK” button

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

a QR CODE will be generated which would be the signature of the transition
thus confirming the sending of our cryptoconsets

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal


now all we have to do is scan the signature generated by ELLIPAL from the smartphone application

ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal


ellipal cryptolocalatm whitdrawal

At this point you have finished the whole operation and all you have to do is wait to receive a confirmation text message from our ATM where it warns you that you can go and withdraw the money and then redeem the desired sum with your ticket.

End!!! This is all the procedure to do. Easy right? And if you want to buy instead what are the operations? we talk about it in this article.