Buy Litecoin has never been so easy

We advise our customers that our ATMs do not currently accept Litecoin addresses starting with the letter “M” (usually COINBASE automatically generates these types of wallet), so make sure to scan the correct QR-Code.

If your wallet starts with the letter “M” you can in any case use it by doing a wallet format conversion using our CONVERTER ADDRESS LTC tool and once converted use the GENERATOR QR-CODE to scan the newly converted wallet.


download-coinomi-android  download-coinomi-ios

*Please choose as wallet Coinet Wallet and for receive Bitcoins use an address in LEGACY mode

You can use any wallet. We recommend Coinomi wallet because it has been used by our team for the various tests.

View the demonstration video

Bitcoin ATM by CryptoLocalATM
scansione qr code smartphone

1. Scan Your Wallet QR code
Hold your mobile wallet app or paper wallet to the window and your code will be scanned instantly.

soldi contanti

2. Insert Cash
Insert EURO bills. An updated total in Litecoin will be displayed after each bill you insert.

monete bitcoin ethereum

3. Get Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet within seconds.

Host an CryptoLocalATM

Do you have a potential point of sale for our Bitcoin vending machine and you want becoming a HOST? Contact us.