Wallet configuration for CryptoLocalPAY

How to prepare your wallet for the configuration of our Gateway

We strongly recommend using only wallets where you have access to private keys and do not rely on custody or cloud services. We recommend one of these wallets:


Electrum – Wallet Desktop for BitcoinLitecoin and Dash

Ledger Nano S – Wallet hardware

Zap – Wallet Lightning Network

Spark – Wallet Lightning Network c-lightning

Sentinel – Wallet Android

ArcBit / bitWallet – Wallet Android


To use CryptoLocalPAY, during checkout we require that you enter your wallet bitcoin / litecoin address in xpub format, which would be the public key in extended format.

You will surely be asking for the motivation for which we require this and the motivation is simple … In this format you will allow our payment processor to generate different wallet addresses for each payment request, which will always be connected to your wallet.

To find your xpub on electrum address just go to the WALLET and after INFORMATION

Bitcoin ATM by CryptoLocalATM
Bitcoin ATM by CryptoLocalATM

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