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Bitcoin donation to hospitals for the COVID-19 emergency

As a cryptocurrency company we cannot pretend not to see or hear about this serious epidemic that is facing the whole of Europe. We cannot stand without doing anything to help.

In this really difficult phase for our country we can also do something to support our communities. Doctors and scientists are doing a very important job and we would like to help support them.

For this reason, together with our staff, we thought of helping the intensive care units at hospitals in Italy that need it most. At this moment the equipment necessary to triple the intensive and subintensive care beds are:

👉 Fans
👉 Non invasive ventilation devices
👉 Hemodynamic monitoring
👉 Monitor

The situation is very serious LOOK at the situation updated to today.
Even a small donation can make a difference..

Funds will be raised in BITCOIN, LITECOIN and DASH.



Doctors in northern Italy struggling with the explosion of COVID-19 cases are warning their hospitals are on the brink of collapse and telling other countries to prepare for a fierce battle. At the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the sudden surge to more than 10,000 cases in the region in just three weeks has overwhelmed intensive care units, with a shortage of beds and staff and ventilators potentially pushing the death toll higher. (2,503 died on 03/18/2020).

The overflow means patients are being treated in operating rooms, hospital corridors, or recovery rooms. Only a small portion of patients are being housed in negative-pressure isolation rooms, designed to stop airborne contaminants from infecting healthcare workers. Doctors are being forced to make tough decisions on which patients will get ventilation machines or respirators.

COVID-19 cases in Italy have exploded from just a handful of confirmed cases to 10,149 in less than three weeks, and with the number of cases expected to continue to rise dramatically, senior doctors are urging Italians to quarantine themselves as the only way to prevent a catastrophic collapse of their medical system.

The situation is most acute in Lombardy, the northern region that is the worst-affected part of the country, with 16,026 cases, including 879 in intensive care.

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Elisabetta Groppelli, a virologist and lecturer in public health at St. George’s, University of London, told VICE News.

Healthcare facilities have reached critical levels in Lombardy due to the high number of hospitalizations and cases requiring intensive care. By now, we are forced to provide intensive care treatments in the corridor, in the operating rooms, in the recovery rooms. We gutted entire hospital wards to make room for the seriously ill. One of the best health systems in the world, the Lombard one, is one step away from collapse.

Massimo Galli, director of infectious diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, told The Guardian that he had similar concerns.

The pressure on hospitals in Lombardy these days is enormous. I am very, very concerned about the impact the virus will have on our healthcare system. ‘it’s a race against time’

Lombardy’s chief health officer, Giulio Gallera, told Bloomberg that:

the region has dedicated 80% of its 1,123 acute care beds to coronavirus. But Pesenti said that, according to some forecasts, Lombardy could have 18,000 patients hospitalized by March 26, between 2,700 and 3,200 of whom would have required acute care.

Help us to help other people too, even a simple sharing of this article is enough so that all nations can help these hospitals! Only united can we defeat this evil. Together we will do it.

LAST UPDATE 30/04/2020

We are happy to report that fundraising ended today 30/04/2020. was collected 13 USD and we promptly sent 15 EUR to the hospital in BERGAMO which was one of the most affected hospitals in Italy. For greater transparency of our operation we have used the GOFOUNDME platform in this way anyone can view the successful transition. We attach additional proof of payment to this.

The CryptoLocalATM staff thanks those who have taken this charity work to heart and we thank you for the trust shown in us.

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