CryptoLocalATM Law Enforcement Guidelines

Terms & Condition


The present line is a guide to the strengths of all the forces of the government or the officials who have provided information on CryptoLocalATM to find out what to do with a penalty in the course or to support a penalty in the course. They present that this line can be modified without the need for precaution. The present line is not a destination destined for private property, it is also a free currency in private and civil courts.

Modality of access to the system of richiesta of information and intervention of the forze dell’ordine di CryptoLocalATM (LERS)

To access the LERS, the law enforcement officer or government official must first request access by visiting

The access request is generally reviewed and approved within 3 working days, after which law enforcement agencies can submit a request for information and upload the related supporting documents. Requests not accompanied by copies of official supporting documents will not be processed.

Requirements for court orders and warrants

CryptoLocalATM collects, uses and stores user data in accordance with CryptoLocalATM’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as amended over time. This includes information collected from users for the purpose of opening a CryptoLocalATM account, providing services to users, being in compliance with regulations (e.g., mandatory data retention, anti-money laundering legislation (AML), Know-Your-Client (KYC) obligations) . For more details, visit

In order for CryptoLocalATM to provide information relating to its users in aid of an ongoing criminal investigation, we will require a valid judicial order issued by a competent jurisdiction or a police order / warrant. Please note that, in some cases, we may request additional information to ensure that the release of information is lawful.

Preservation Seizures Requests

Upon receipt of a Preservation Order Request related to a Criminal Investigation, CryptoLocalATM will take the necessary steps to retain related records for 90 days. Should the retention period be extended, an additional request must be sent via LERS.

Относно CryptoLocalATM

CryptoLocalATM is an ecosystem consisting of several CryptoLocalATM websites (whose domain names include, but not limited to,, mobile applications, customers, applets and other applications developed to offer the CryptoLocalATM Services and include platforms, websites and customers within the ecosystem. CryptoLocalATM is continuously growing and may offer further services in the future.

Request form

Authorized law enforcement agencies can submit a request for information through the LERS following approval of an access request. In order to speed up the procedure, the police are reminded to clearly define the legal basis of any request for information or assistance. A summary of the factual reasons behind the request, investigation and all information regarding CryptoLocalATM users and transaction details will help us speed up the request.

Notice of requests

Except as specified in any court order or police warrant issued on a valid legal basis, we may notify the affected user of the request for information prior to the disclosure of any personal data.