5 Reasons Why You Want To Use A Bitcoin ATM

Banks have made buying Bitcoin increasingly difficult. Most major banks in Europe and also in Canada have outright banned the use of their customers’ accounts to purchase goods and services related to cryptocurrency. Though users of a Bitcoin ATM are still free to buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum using their hard earned cash directly on our Bitcoin ATM machines. All you have to do is withdraw cash from any banks ATM and deposit into the Bitcoin network using a Bitcoin ATM.


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Your right to privacy is something that should be taken seriously. Unlike online exchanges that require ID verification, Bitcoin ATM machines allow you to remain anonymous in the process of KYC (Know Your Customer). Whether you want to buy 20 euro or 2000 euro of Bitcoin, you shouldn´t be forced to divulge personal information.
Obviously this is valid only in jurisdictions where the cash limit is not in force; otherwise the verification is required by law but this does not preclude the defense of your privacy which is always reserved and not shared with third bodies, authorities or governments without the right authorization of a judge.

Shortest Verification Times

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The crypto market changes in the blink of an eye. In an ideal scenario, the public would be able to purchase cryptocurrency through numerous outlets however, the reality is online exchanges dominate the marketplace. With so few methods to purchase digital currency, the few exchanges that do exist are overloaded with account requests. You’re often left in limbo, wishing you could invest in Bitcoin but forced to wait for your account to be verified. You need the flexibility to purchase crypto on your time, not when it’s convenient for the exchange you signed up for. Or worse, you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and you have to deposit in a bank account or on a credit card. Already!!! Because the exchanges only accept bank transfers, NOT CASH.
You will think maybe … OK !!! then I can rely on the private! You can actually do it very well but why should you risk meeting a stranger? and if he was a swindler ready to ambush you? Without also considering the fact that most of the time the fees are higher than those imposed in an atm. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are located in convenience stores very safe with alarms and active video surveillance and only require a mobile wallet. It’s really that simple, fast and secure.

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How to download and configure a bitcoin / altcoin wallet

Transaction Volumes

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If you are familiar with online exchanges, you are more than likely running into annoying purchase limits that are not realistic. Buying 200 euros 200 of cryptocurrencies per week is not a viable option for people who want to invest in Bitcoins. With our Bitcoin ATM, you won’t have to wait for your bank transfer to be credited.
Imagine you want to invest in cryptocurrencies on Friday afternoons as at least the bank transfer will start Monday with a consequent delay …. is it if the bullrun leaves?

Dedicated Support

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Navigating your way through the crypto market can be a daunting task for newcomers. A Bitcoin ATM provides investors with a familiar and secure method of purchasing cryptocurrency. If you face any trouble when using our system, unlike most exchanges that simply have you submit a support ticket, we have a dedicated phone whit support WhatsApp, Telegram or Live Chat line that can be reached 7 days a week.

And have you ever used a bitcoin or cryptocurrency ATM machine?